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“Those pictures are of very good and surprisingly raw and authentic Vietnamese dishes. This place offers both the meat and the bone — a suitably rough and prideful presentation of all that is good about the Southeast Asian canon."

- Westword, Jason Sheehan -


“If you read the writing on the wall you’ll see they’ve won plenty awards already. Don’t let the strip mall atmosphere dissuade you. Saigon Pho is the real thing."

- CCnDoc -


"IUnassuming & authentically delish. Small, family-owned spot with caring customer service. The Pho is *on point*.”

- Jules F. -


“IThe broth is wonderful, and all the meats just melt in your mouth. The soda lemonade is amazing! The staff has always been courteous, and direct, and the food is better than average for sure.”

- Gregory Smith -


“Best Pho in town and the service is almost always excellent. They have a few American Chinese dishes on the menu that are also excellent and much better than other "Chinese" restaurants in the area. Your friends and family that are not yet pho addicts will love them."

- Dave Otero -